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Long overdue August RPG Blog

Long overdue August RPG Blog

45 Questions

Found this on  Zack S's Blog and made my own list.

1. Forthcoming game you're most looking forward to:

Fantasy Age from Green Ronnin. Marx 5/20

2. Kickstarter game you're most pleased you backed

The Freeport revision book

3. Favorite new game of the last 12 months

Marx 5/20

4. Most surprising game

-Marvel Superheroes--FASERIP--surprises me with the fact it's still unsurpassed in the genre yet also not officially updated.

The Slumbering TSAR saga from Frog God Games

5. Most recent RPG purchase

Fantasy Age, Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, Savage Worlds

6. Most recent RPG played


7.  Favorite free RPG

Marvel Superheroes. The D6 System SRD
  1. Favorite appearance of RPGs in the media
Geek and Sundry, Castle,

9. Favorite media you wish was an RPG

10. Favorite RPG publisher

Not Pazio! Green Ronnin, Monty Cook, Frog God games
  1. Favorite RPG writer
Zack s, Monty Cook, Tristan Marx

12. Favorite RPG illustration

Aaron Cornelius

13. Favorite RPG Podcast

Does Titensgrave and Critical role count? Red Dice Diaries?

14. Favorite RPG accessory

3 Ring binders

15. Longest campaign played

The D&D ones I'm in now.

16. Longest game session played

2 day game marathon back in Sherman oaks

17. Favorite fantasy RPG

Dungeons and dragons, Ars Magica,

18. Favorite SF RPG

Star Wars, Blue Planet

19. Favorite supers RPG

Villains and Vigilantes, Marvel FASERIP

20. Favorite horror RPG

Stalking the Night fantastic, Call of Cthulhu

21. Favorite RPG setting

Fantasy, Super Heroes, Cyberpunk

22. Perfect gaming environment

The nostalgic one you remember. A big table. 6 good friends, a great GM, snacks, men and woman both welcome and treated equally at the table.

23. Perfect game for me

Has not been invented yet, though Interlock was by far the closest

24. Favorite house rule

If you buy it in the store during the game, it shows up in the game

25. Favorite revolutionary game mechanic

Artifact art cards. Random Tables, Rewards for role playing. Action Points.

26. Favorite inspiration for your game

The players

  1. Favorite idea for merging two games into one.

28. Favorite game you no longer play

Villains and Vigilantes, Marvel,

29. Favorite RPG website/blog

The list is far to long

  1. Favorite RPG playing celebrity
Vin Diesel, The “I Hit it with my Axe Crew”, 

31. Favorite non- RPG thing to come out of RPGing

How we changed the world!

Ok, I'm adding more:

1. Worst game you ever played


2. Interesting rule embedded within otherwise baleful game
Advantage. Disadvantage in D&D 5th

3. Game you never played but you knew it sucked just looking at it

Rapture, the Bible RPG, Oh the “Hobby Shop Dungeon” was a disappointment

4. Game you most wish didn't suck

RIFTS , FUSION, Memorial tomb,

5. Game about which you have the most mixed feelings

Savage Worlds, RIFTS,

6. Old game most in need of an upgrade

INTERLOCK (not Fusion ) RIFTS, Marvel FASRIP, D&D

7. Game you can run with the least prep

D&D, The D6 System Marvel FASRIP

9. Best house rule you've seen in action and now use in your own games.

Pretty much every thing my friend Matt writes

10. Game you've most changed your thoughts/feelings about

Pathfinder, I fell out of love with it about a year ago. Savage Worlds

11.  Game you'd use to run just about any setting if you had to

The D6 System, D20 Modern

12. Game that haunts you and you're not sure why

Blue Planet

13. Game that would probably be most fun to play a bee in

Middle Earth, I would play one of Radaghasts bee's

14: Best game most people have never herd of.

Blue Planet, Raven star, TFOS, Tinker Damn,

15. Game that's good in theory but you're kind of on the fence about it to be honest

Savage Worlds, this game should not work but it does.

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Mike's Mega Dungeon Room 1.
Strange that despite the work I’ve done combining Memorial tomb, the Bandit halls and my own various ideas the party has yet to progress past the first 3 rooms of the dungeon .
Room one is below an abandoned church and is something of a sight. As is customer in older cultures, the bodies of the dead were used to decorate the room. Skulls line the floors, walls and ceilings but this is not a disgrace. It is a sign of honer and art.
In the center of the room is a raised platform,behind it a statue of the god of Death.
When the party first entered the chamber, they encountered 5 members of the Sharp tooth Goblin clan on the platform. One of whom is wearing a Crown and calling himself King Bob.
Meanwhile 5 Zombies stand guard around the statue of Death.
The party attacked the Goblins and Zombies, stole the crown and continued there exploration in to the next chamber where they encountered a Ogre.
Which they fled
The next day the Party returned to the first room but the bodies of the Goblins and Zombies were gone, as was the treasure they were guarding.
Instead the party encountered members of the Tiger Dog's and another Ogre, who they defeated.
In the second room they stumbled across an entrance to a ancient ,haunted Drow enclave. The party continued there explorations but ran afoul of Drow both living and Dead-and Undead!
They fled again to lick there wounds.
On there return , once again the first room had changed. Now an enterprising Rat Man named Oddo had set up a small trading post in the chamber to make profit off the various factions that were now travailing through the Dungeon. The Tiger Dog bandit gang, the Drow, the Goblins and the party.
The adventures used him as a source of supplies and rumors, which led them to an encounter with Vampires!
Which never ends well!
But this encounter led them to the complication of their first quest and the recovery of the “Wizards Amulet.”
So you can see the Sand Box quality of a mega dungeon (As opposed to the liner aspect of a more normal dungeon) Despite the few hundred rooms of madness I have waiting for them, there curiosity and a few random die rolls have created a whole string of stories within the first few rooms .
Who is Odod the Rat Man, what brings the Tiger dogs. What happened to the Drow Enclave.
The story of Mike's Mega Dungeon continues....

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June RPG Blog. Who's who in Socket pt 2.

In our last Visit to the strange and wonderful and deadly Town of Socket we took a look at the inhabitants who settled in Socket after the events of White Plum mt
As I said, the other inspiration for Socket was Frog God Games amazing “Slumbering TSAR “ adventure path and the City of Camp.
So lets take a look at the inhabitants of camp from that Module Series and see how they adapted to Socket, don't worry if you have not read/do not own the “Slumbering TSAR” series that’s ok, I will let you know who and what they are.

Lord Istavan “The Usurer”( CR 17, page 14. Slumbering Tsar BK 1)
The simple plank building that houses the towns Blacksmith and Money Changer is nothing special, the Blacksmith on the other hand is. Istavan came out of the desolation and made himself at home in Socket a few years ago, set himself up a Blacksmith shop and offered to act as the City’s Bank and Money changer. His fortunes seemingly vast, his skill with the Forge was as good as any Master.
The Usurer is a Lich, a CR 17 encounter who for reasons of his own has chosen this rather mundane. Any one who questions his motivations has yet to revive an answer, some even vanished.
The Lich is happy to sit in his forge, work his iron and stay out of trouble.

The Undertaker( CR 2. Page 21 Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
The Home and Office of the Undertaker, is just what you would expect out of someone who takes up this profession in a weird city like Socket. He keeps a clean shop, does his job well and stays out of trouble. The fact he is a Ghast and a priest of the God of Death is a concern to some but the Brothers keep the Ghast on a tight chain and he actually enjoys his job. By tending to the Dead of Socket he pays his respects to the God of Death and he makes the lives of others easier. Giving respect to the Dead and a sens of finality to the grieving families, plus Nix and Nox let him eat a body every now and then.
The Ghast is named Kane, a former Cleric who found that the Death god still had a use for him after his demise. He also is a master pastry chef, though normally very few feel brave enough to try his products.

Clintock the Guide (CR 11. Page 20. Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
A ½ Ork ranger who employes 3-8 Human and ½ ork men to act as guides into the wasteland and provide general caravan guard duty He is well aware of how most people react to a ½ ork so he does his best to be civil and diplomatic. After all what does he care if they insult him, he will cry on their money!
Recently his expeditions have been met with more problems then he would like and he is not above asking adventures to aid him. Something about a Ogre and Ghouls.

Simon the Monk/Hermit (CR 6. page 12. Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
This quiet monk lives in a small hovel just outside town. He has come to SOCKET on behalf of the Temple of Knowledge, but it has been a long time since he has received any instructions from them.
His mission was to find out what ever happened to the Heroes who first went in to White Plum Mt to recover the three objects.
Now he wonders if some foul fate has befallen his monastery and if it has something to do with his mission?

Fin's Livery: (CR 5 Page 13. Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
An elf drunk who lost his position in the elf Court years ago for reasons he either cant remember or wont remember A Shadow of his former self, more barbarian then bard.
The Livery is in horrid shape and the few horses in his care range from fresh(And possibility stolen) to broken down mules on their last leg.
The one this he can claim though is the loyalty of the mounts under his care and the fact that even if the owner is killed the mounts always come back to him.

The Sip of Blood tavern (CR 6 Page 14 Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
This simple bar is run by a heavily maimed Ork named “Lucky” Bjork Balsam. As end of the road Taverns go this one is decent. The food is warm and plentiful but simple, the alcohol types are few but they are cheep. The main attraction is the Tavern owner. Bjork looks like he has lived though more disasters then any Orc has the right to, yet he is always in a good mood. He is missing an eye, an ear, and has a hook instead of a left hand. He is missing a finger from his right and and walks with a limp. Any exposed flesh you see is covered with scars. Many a tale is told of the disasters the Orc has somehow survived which is how he gained his nick name.

Skerber's Sentry’s (Cr 9 Page 15 Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
A collection of Adobe shacks, tents and a small herd garden make up the base of operation for this Ranger and his companions.
They make a living like so many other Mercenary companies in the area , they act as protectors and guides for Merchants and such.
But they have a deep dark secret that has yet to come to light, they have a pact with some of the darker denizens of Wasteland who grant them passage in exchange for an occasional Sacrifice of a merchant Caravan or two.
So far this betrayal of the unwritten code of Caravan guards has gone unnoticed but soon it will and things could go...weird.
But then that’s just the Story of Socket.

Chapel of the Dying Light.( CR 7. Slumbering TSAR page 16 BK 1)
It has got to be hard, being the Priest at the only Chapel at the end of the World before the Wasteland. 101 different strangers passing through your town, each with there own version of the celestial and each seeking the guidance and magical healing you provide ?
Do you stay true to your own particular version of religion or do you do as Father “Death” has and realize that the only way you can feed the needs of such a multitude when you know they only want you to Heal them and Raise the dead. You just put on a Show, say the words and take there Money till the point you don’t even remember who you were before you cast that very first Heal.
That is the Story of our pore Father “Death”, he has become a showman to the mass of adventures giving them the healing they need in exchange for a large percentage of their Treasure, but is he happy?
Probably not.

The Bender Brothers (CR 8 Page 18.Slumbering TSAR BK 1)
Jezebel Bender, Jeremiah Bender and Jacob Bender Run a very strange operation and no one is quite sure exactly what it is they do. They live in a large artificial cave which is guarded by their pet Rust monster “Muffin”. The enterprising Gnomes have advertised themselves as Guides, Cooks and even Necromancers for hire but their true motives and end game has yet to be discovered

The Slumbering TSAR Book 1 is the creative property of Frog God Games, I am using there product as a base for a larger idea. Some of these I took some creative license with and they may not appear as they did in the Module( such as the bender brothers)- But it is an amazing Series of Adventures so go get them and support Frog God Games

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June RPG Blog Who's who in SOCKET.

Inspired by the classic D&D module White Plum Mt and the Frog God games Adventure Slumbering Tsar (Book 1). lets get to know the various inhabitants in the strange city of Socket.

Nix and Nox.
The former Efrite body guards of the Mt are the genius behind turning the iconic Dead Gnoll's Eye Socket into the trade post that is Socket today. With there vast power and resources they were able to convince the other survivors of the Mt to join them in this project.
Since founding Socket the two have engaged in a non stop battle of one up manship. Each trying to out do the other for power,funds,resources and most of all fame.
Nox has become a very fat and jovial fellow who insist everyone call him “Uncle”. He is always ready to shake your hand, buy you a meal and share a potential money making scheme with you. Nox trades in Gems and Precious Ore mined from the Desolation
Nix on the other hand is almost wraith thin, he speaks in a whisper and is very calm and insightful, he will only approach adventures after observing them for a day or two. Nix trades in textiles,rugs and spices. The inhabitants of the town often refer to him as “Brother”, no one is sure why?
Nix on one side of the Town and Nox on the other. Both of the Efrite have no problem manipulating any passing Heroes for their own gain, after all whats the life of some guy with a sword when it compares to them gaining more power and prestige.

Although the race of the vampire guarding Whelm is never stated, it did not make a lot of sens to me that something as powerful as a Vampire would be happy to just hang out in that tinny chamber guarding this weird Dwarf Hammer while all the time waiting to feed on any one smart enough to survive the boiling lake, and I cant imagine living near the boiling lake was any fun. Between the stench and the constant threat of his lair getting set on fire? Why stay? But if you make the Vampire a DWARF!, then it makes more sens that like Smegul/Gollum he would have no trouble just staying there and keeping guard over his precious.
I imagined that the Dwarf Vampire would hunt down the Heroes who “Stole” Whelm from him to the ends of the earth and eventually recover it. Once C'tenmir reclaimed his “precious” , the offer of safety and protection (And a steady supply of yummy adventures) that the Brothers offered was to good to pass up. C'tenmir does not spend much time in the town as he knows what 90% of the population feels about Vampires and he lives in constant fear someone would take Whelm from him again! Rather he patrols the Desolation around the City at night, acting as sort of a Marshall.

Qesnef, once a mighty Ogre Magi(Oni) he has been reduced to a shadow of his former glory and now holds a almost permanent spot in the Bar as a drunk. Possession of Wraith (Blackrazzor0 is just to much for any one individual no mater how strong their will. The life stealing sword constantly hungers for new souls and when not provided with such, Wraith had no trouble draining the life out of Qesnef.
Again, much like Smegul/Gollum, he both loves and hates the Sword and is glad it vanished during the fall of the Mountain He wants nothing more to do with it yet longs to know where it went and how he can reclaim it.

In the White Plum Mt novelization by Paul Kidd , he named the Sphinx Enid and I kept it, Enid is glad to have left the Volcano where she was bored, dirty and constantly exposed to a horrid environment. Plus, she had nothing to read!
Now Enid has set her self up as the Town “Librarian and Sage”,she trades in information and books. Selling Scrolls,maps and ancient books on obscure subjects in exchange for new books and stories. She has no loyalty to either of the Efriet Brothers as she remembers them never once bothering to clean her lair, bring her new books or even let her go outside for an occasional flight. On the other hand she is wise enough to know never to bite the hand that feeds her so she does not engage in any thing that would effect the brothers...Unless it cant be traced back to her.

Snarla, the Were Wolf wizard and her lover/bodyguard Bucket have made themselves quite at home in Socket. Snarla likes the peace of Socket, where she can continue her studies and take care of the various creatures under her protection. Being a Werwolf makes her quite interesting, on one hand you have the devotion and will of a Wizard and on the other you have the wild savagery of a Lycanthrope. Bucket is a member of the town guard as well as running the Socket stable. As such his Mounts for rent are of a slightly more interesting kind then most are used to, along with Horses, Mules and Ponies there are the Griffons, Giant Scorpions and other Monsters rescued from the Volcano.

And finally we come to Sir Bluto Sans Piet, the fallen knight,infamous for his involvement in the “River of Blood” murders. Sir Bluto claims to remember very Little of his time in the Mountain or why his only function in the Volcano was the guard the weird floating river/Log Flume thing. He assumes the Wizard Keraptis is responsible but not why
Since his escape from the Mountain,he has acted as the town Tax collector and Guard Captain, but he can often be found late at night sitting on a rooftop and staring off towards the ruins of the Mountain, wondering how much is missing from his memory.

That’s it for those who survived White Plum Mt, next time we will look at the other residents of our Town of Socket.
Till then.
Be excellent

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May/June 2015 Blog

May/June 2015 Blog
Welcome to SOCKET.
Sorry it's late guys, it's been a hard month

Like most players who have been a fan of this Hobby for longer then we care to say. White Plum Mt has always had a special place in my heart and it's one of the two adventures I try and run at least once a year.
A lot has been written about the Dungeon and the three Iconic Weapons associated with it. The Dungeon has been updated, altered and added to several times over the past 35 Years. I my self have altered it to make it part of what ever Campaign I am running at the time.
While a Lot has been said about the Mt and Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor I have always been fascinated by the story of White Plum Mt and what happened after.
And let's face it, 90% of the time the Heroes who rescued the thee Weapons, kept them. So what happened after? Did the previous owners seek revenge, did the Heroes become the new owners of White Plum Mt?
It's just such an interesting story and time and time again I want to know more?
It was not just the Fun House aspect of the Dungeon that made it so interesting (Though the fact it had a Log Flume Ride is pretty damn awesome) nit was all the unique NPC's that called it him. Who was this vampire that was Guarding Whelm, why did he have such a Dwarf specific weapon? Was he a Vampire Dwarf ( I made him one anyway). Whats the story behind Sir Bluto and why is he happy standing guard over a Log Flume ?
And what happened to all of them , after the Module ended?
So I imagined that if Nix, Nox and the others somehow survived the various incarnations of the Dungeon, what did they do next. What do you do when your an out of work Minion? Do you seek a new master, do you find yourself somehow involved in the various reinterpretations of the Dungeon or do you strike out on your own.
I had just finished reading the amazing FROG GOD GAMES product “The SLUMBERING TSAR” and was tinkering with the starting quest Hub town of “Camp”, and I wondered-well what if White Plum Mt was part of the Desolation of Tsar. What if some of the various NPC's associated with the history of White Plum Mt had somehow become part of the story of Tsar and the “Camp”
On the map for White Plum Mt there is a land mark known as Dead Gnoll's Eye Socket,and well you see where this is going.
Dead Gnol's Eye Socket and Camp merged to become the city of Socket, though calling it a city is a bit much.
The story grew from there, I figured that this all takes place after the events in White Plum Mt. Nix and Nox seeking to free them selves from years of being Minions gathered the various surviving treasures and Monsters from the ruins of the Dungeon and set up camp in the Socket. Why kill adventures they figurehead when they could instead profit off of them as said adventures set out to claim the riches of the Desolation.
Eventually over the past few months as I tinkered with the world I was creating (Again) Socket became the last stop before the vast unconquered Jungles and desolate swamp lands of...well I had not named them yet so were just calling it the desolation.
I began to spin the story of each of the members of the white Plum Mt family and there place in or around Socket and the “Desolation”
Nix and Nox became the leaders of the city and were engaged in a never ending game of trying to one up the other, kind of like in the Movie Yojimbo/A Fist Full of Dollars.
The Dwarf Vampire C'tenmir, who once guarded Whelm would probably want it back after the Heroes had stolen it, being a Vampire and all I figured he eventually got it, the Trident Whelm on the other hand? Well the Ghost Crab is just such an awesomely cool monster and perhaps the most iconic encounter in a amazing Dungeon full of Iconic encounters! Despite all logic I felt it should survive the post Dungeon story.
I had this image in my mind of the insane Gnome Wizard Keraptis siting atop the Ghost Crab, holding Wave and just wandering around the Desolation, lost in his insanity and forever having to listen to Wave whisper to him about the Oceans. It was kind of sad actually?
As for Blackrazor, well I renamed it Wraith, I mean the other two Weapons names started with W, why break the theme so Blackrazor became Wraith! And as for what happened to the Sword, well that I left a mystery.
One by one the various Monsters and NPC's who I felt had survived the history of the Dungeon, became part of the Socket atmosphere.
The Sphinx became the town School Teacher and Librarian. Sir Bluto became the Sheriff, Snarlla (the Werewolf Wizard) became the city’s resident Wizard, selling her potions and scrolls to passing adventurers. Bucket, her ever loyal lover continued to act as her bodyguard.
As for Qesnef the Ogre Magi? Again I felt his story was a sad one. I imagined that being around Blackrazor/Wraith was kind of like being around The One Ring. It had a way of tearing at your soul and corrupting you as it forever hungered for more Souls. I pictured him as a shadow of his former self after being in possession of the Blade, maybe just a drunk in the Bar. Always hating what the sword had done to him, but always wanting to know what happened to it and where it was.
The rest of the various Monsters and undead I figured had died in the progression of the Adventure
So now we have the City of Socket. Waiting for us at the end of the long road into the Desolation. A place to get some gear, and set up a base camp before venturing into the Desolation of Swamps and jungles beyond.
Belly up to the Bar boys, drinks are on the Ogre in the corner.
Stay awhile and listen.
Till next time as we continue our exploration of Socket....
Be excellent.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Late Night April meanderings on OG D&D.

I have already discussed my thoughts on Orcus, so tonight lets turn our attention to Jubilex. Hindsight being 20/20 it is obvious that Jubilex was a OG D&D attempt at a Lovecraft type villain in the early days of the system. A ancient, evil slime beast gibbering with mad secrets, in some ways that’s far more scarey then just having Orcus destroy the city.
Except for the fact that Jubilex is listed as the Lord of Slime.
How is that an Evil thing? Green Slime, Yellow Mold, Black Pudding?
Dungeon Slimes are always a thing, walking traps how can you not just love the,m. They are always the go to when you cant think of anything else to toss at the Players.
But evil servants of the Chaotic Lord of Gibbering madness?
While there are some mention in the old texts that a large enough collection of Black Pudding can gain a sort of psychic intellect, for the most part the Dungeon Slime is just that. Slime. No more or less Evil then say a Tree or a Ant eater. They just are, the natural system mechanics of the Under dark environment. They keep the place clean, they are not planing on consuming the world in flame like some other Evil races are?
Plus , just how did Jubilex even get the job. Was he late when they were passing out evil portfolios? Demons, undead and orks had been taken but Ooze? Ooze was still a thing?
What type of evil does he plan on when his servants are walking Jello molds? I'm sorry but I just don't combine evil and horror with Green Slime, any more then I think my Shoes are evil servants of Orcus.
It must suck being Jubilex and knowing, oh yeah Orcus gets undead but what do I get. Slime? You almost feel sorry for the guy.
While the Lovecraft origins are painfully obvious, there is little follow through. Even the D&D Wiki says that he pretty much keeps to himself, just hangs out in his own layer of foul eternity playing X-Box with his followers, which are slime. How much fun can hanging out with Slime be?
Maybe Jubilex just a chance to rethink his life, get out of that slump. Maybe get a new job? Surly if any place has a over worked HR department , it's Hell.
When I started my D&D campaign set in the City of Free Port, created by our friends over at Green Ronin Games. I decided that the big bad God of Madness and Crawling Chaos that is mentioned throughout the Freeport Mythology was going to be Jubilex. It was time,I felt that good ol' slime jaws was taking out of the shadow of Orcus and had his/her own chance to really lay some smack down on the PC's.
For almost 6 years the various Players who chose to inhabit Freeport had to deal with the insane machinations of the God of Madness, Jubilex. I chose Jubilex because it was the perfect OG D&D representation of a Lovecraft style god with out actually using any of Lovecraft creations.
In fact any time I ran any Fantasy type game over the past 6 years, I replaced Jubilex with any Lovecraft style God or horror mentioned in said Scenario.
That way Jubilex became a foe to fear, and make fun of.
You see no matter how scarey tentacle insane gibbering crazy evil the Slime Lord would rain down on Freeport and my Players, at the end of the day he was the God of Madness, and lets face it any plan concocted by an Insane God would be Insane and as such, most likely fail.
While I am sure attempting to use a Giant Magnet to pull down the Moon and crush Freeport under the weight seemed like a good idea, Jubilex and his minions failed yet again because the plan was-Insane.
So, in closing any time you want to toss some Lovecraft style Horror into your game, rather then Ol' Squid face perhaps you would be willing to hire Jubilex for the Job, perhaps you can give him enough self esteem to rise above his job as Demon lord of Slime and perhaps assume the brand new position of Demon lord of Slime...and Fungus...and Garbage...and tentacle..and.
Eh never mind.
Till next time when we turn our eye to Yenog, the demon lord of Gnolls

Be excellent

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meanderings of April.

Well with the end of my Super Hero game and me now attempting to yet again run some kind of Sanctioned official game thing at Seths Games and Anime, I thought we could take some time to talk about the Big 4
By the big 4 I mean the 4 Iconic D&D villains, who for me were always the bad guy's at the end of the Dungeon Of course I am talking about the “Prime Evils” Orcus, Yenaug, Demogorgon and pore ol' Jubilex.
To me, orcus is the big bad god of evil, not bane or Cyric or Set but Orcus, who I also think may have been the role model for Diablo from the Blizzard games Diablo series. Orcus is the Vegas Elvis rock god of the Undead, and invertible the bad guy behind any long term D&D game I run.
The Demon lord of the Undead is just awesome and is considered one of , if not the greatest Villain in the History of D&D. I'm not here though to praise Lord orcus or damn him, instead lets take a moment and address one thing that has always bothered me about Big O.
Lord of the Undead?
What does that even mean, demon lord of the Undead? Is he the guy in charge of Necromancy? How does a Demon control creatures who get there power from the negative Energy /Shadow plane ? Is he in charge of all undead, or just the real evil one's? I don't remember Stradh ever mentioning Orcus in any of the Ravenloft lore?
Besides Skeletons and Zombies and the other various animated undead are neither evil or good, they are just tools animated by magic. No more or less a threat then any other weapon in the Wizards arsenal. In addition not all Undead are evil, we have seen good Vampires, Mummy’s, Ghosts and even Lich's Shadows, Shades, Wights and Wraiths get there power from the negative energy/Shadow Plane not Hell and as far as I know Orcus has no control over the Shadow plane nor is he the God of death?
Plus , Orcus lives in Hell! A place that is normally, ON FIRE! Fire, which is universally the bane of all undead! It's got to be pretty hard for Orcus to boss the Undead around in his Castle when they keep burning up?
Plus, who decided Big O was in charge of Undead? And if he is the Lord of necromancy, then what about the various Gods of Death, Evil, necromancy and the Undead that populate the D&D multiverse? Do they all work for him, does he work for all of them? Does he provide the energy that all the other various death types use to create undead?
How does a Demon lord get a Job? Was there some cosmic primordial employment representative at the start of time who picked the jobs for all the demon princes and Angel Kings? Did Orcus ask for the Job. Or was it assigned to him?
In his long History orcus has done a LOT of evil,destructive things but when has he ever actually put together all the Undead in every aspect of the D&D Verse' and said “Ok you all work for me! Now go make me a sandwich?” never! From all accounts of his history he does normal angry Demon stuff, he sure as Toast does not spend ages mopping in his castle like some Undead types ( I'm looking at you count)
Which is why I think orcus needs a new job, Lord of terror sounds good ? Yes I stole it from Diablo, but face it. Big D and Big O? Same guy!
Somewhere in a D&D game somewhere the Lord of terror is plotting yet another attempt at , some evil shanagins . He is putting together all his resources from living,Demonic and Undead and when he addresses his troupes, he wants to be remembered as the Elvis Presley rock God of evil that he is, Orcus the Lord of Terror, not guy who makes Zombies?
But enough about Big O', what about pore ol' Jubilex? Demon lord of Slime? How is that even a thing?
Till next time
Be excellent