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Long overdue August RPG Blog

Long overdue August RPG Blog

45 Questions

Found this on  Zack S's Blog and made my own list.

1. Forthcoming game you're most looking forward to:

Fantasy Age from Green Ronnin. Marx 5/20

2. Kickstarter game you're most pleased you backed

The Freeport revision book

3. Favorite new game of the last 12 months

Marx 5/20

4. Most surprising game

-Marvel Superheroes--FASERIP--surprises me with the fact it's still unsurpassed in the genre yet also not officially updated.

The Slumbering TSAR saga from Frog God Games

5. Most recent RPG purchase

Fantasy Age, Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, Savage Worlds

6. Most recent RPG played


7.  Favorite free RPG

Marvel Superheroes. The D6 System SRD
  1. Favorite appearance of RPGs in the media
Geek and Sundry, Castle,

9. Favorite media you wish was an RPG

10. Favorite RPG publisher

Not Pazio! Green Ronnin, Monty Cook, Frog God games
  1. Favorite RPG writer
Zack s, Monty Cook, Tristan Marx

12. Favorite RPG illustration

Aaron Cornelius

13. Favorite RPG Podcast

Does Titensgrave and Critical role count? Red Dice Diaries?

14. Favorite RPG accessory

3 Ring binders

15. Longest campaign played

The D&D ones I'm in now.

16. Longest game session played

2 day game marathon back in Sherman oaks

17. Favorite fantasy RPG

Dungeons and dragons, Ars Magica,

18. Favorite SF RPG

Star Wars, Blue Planet

19. Favorite supers RPG

Villains and Vigilantes, Marvel FASERIP

20. Favorite horror RPG

Stalking the Night fantastic, Call of Cthulhu

21. Favorite RPG setting

Fantasy, Super Heroes, Cyberpunk

22. Perfect gaming environment

The nostalgic one you remember. A big table. 6 good friends, a great GM, snacks, men and woman both welcome and treated equally at the table.

23. Perfect game for me

Has not been invented yet, though Interlock was by far the closest

24. Favorite house rule

If you buy it in the store during the game, it shows up in the game

25. Favorite revolutionary game mechanic

Artifact art cards. Random Tables, Rewards for role playing. Action Points.

26. Favorite inspiration for your game

The players

  1. Favorite idea for merging two games into one.

28. Favorite game you no longer play

Villains and Vigilantes, Marvel,

29. Favorite RPG website/blog

The list is far to long

  1. Favorite RPG playing celebrity
Vin Diesel, The “I Hit it with my Axe Crew”, 

31. Favorite non- RPG thing to come out of RPGing

How we changed the world!

Ok, I'm adding more:

1. Worst game you ever played


2. Interesting rule embedded within otherwise baleful game
Advantage. Disadvantage in D&D 5th

3. Game you never played but you knew it sucked just looking at it

Rapture, the Bible RPG, Oh the “Hobby Shop Dungeon” was a disappointment

4. Game you most wish didn't suck

RIFTS , FUSION, Memorial tomb,

5. Game about which you have the most mixed feelings

Savage Worlds, RIFTS,

6. Old game most in need of an upgrade

INTERLOCK (not Fusion ) RIFTS, Marvel FASRIP, D&D

7. Game you can run with the least prep

D&D, The D6 System Marvel FASRIP

9. Best house rule you've seen in action and now use in your own games.

Pretty much every thing my friend Matt writes

10. Game you've most changed your thoughts/feelings about

Pathfinder, I fell out of love with it about a year ago. Savage Worlds

11.  Game you'd use to run just about any setting if you had to

The D6 System, D20 Modern

12. Game that haunts you and you're not sure why

Blue Planet

13. Game that would probably be most fun to play a bee in

Middle Earth, I would play one of Radaghasts bee's

14: Best game most people have never herd of.

Blue Planet, Raven star, TFOS, Tinker Damn,

15. Game that's good in theory but you're kind of on the fence about it to be honest

Savage Worlds, this game should not work but it does.

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